Chingri do-peyaja

Chingri Dopiaza (Shrimp with onion) by Sharmin Rima


1. Large Shrimp=10 pcs
2. Turmeric pow=1 tsp
3. Red chilli pow=1 tsp
4. Coriander pow=1/2 tsp
5. Cumin pow=1/2 tsp
6. Chopped onion=2.5 cups
7. Tomato=1 big
8. Salt=to taste
9. Oil
10. Cilantro
11. Green Chili=3/4 pcs


Clean the shrimps. Marinate with turmeric pow, red chillie pow and salt for 30 min.
Heat oil in a fry pan and fry the shrimps on med heat. Take away from the pan.
Mix good quantity of chopped onion with the leftover spices. Add little salt if needed. Add chopped tomato to it. Now heat the leftover oil again and saute the onion. When the onion starts to be transparent, add chopped cilantro and few green chillies. Saute for few more min. It’s ready!

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