Shrimp with bell pepper (capsicum) and chicken korma

Shrimp with bell pepper  (capsicum) by Added by Merina Ahmed

2 lb. shrimp (big size)

2 bellpapers (1 red color & 1 green color) (big slices)

2 tomatos (big slices as belpaper)(removed seeds & juice)… See More

1 big onion (big slices as bell paper)

1/4 cup onion past

3 cloves garlic ( chopped)

1 tea sp. ginger past

1 tea sp. red paper flakes

2 tsp. coriander powder

1/2 tea paper powder

1/2 tea sp. tarmaric powder

1/2 tea sp. cumin powder


black paper poeder

1/2 cup oil

coriander leafs ( chopped)

chives (chopped)

5 green paper ( slices)

in a pan heat oil, add all the shrimps and fry it for 2 to 3 mints. take off
the shrimps from the oil. set aside.

in same oil add garlic, onion past, ginger past, salt, b p powder, coriander
powder, cumin powder, red paper powder, tarmaric powder & fry it with
little bit water.

add remaining shrimps & mix it well. cover it for 5 mints.

remove the cover & add belpapers, tomatos, clices onions & cook it
until oil comes out.

add red paper flakes & green paper slices.

remove from heat & garnish it with coriander leafs & chives.


chicken korma:

*10 ps. chicken legs

*1/2 cup onion past

*2 tb. sp. ginger past… See More

*2 tea sp. garlic past

*1 tea sp. coriander powder

*1/2 cup yogurt

*1/2 tea sp. cinamon pd.

*1 tea sp. cardamom pd.

*1/2 tea. sp. black paper pd.


1 cup oil + ghee

1/4 cup milk.

6-8 green paper


rose water

8 -10 raisins

fry onion slice (bereshta)

combine all * items together & marinated it for 2 hrs.

in a large pan heat oil + ghee. add onion slices and make it golden color.pour
all the chickens( with all yogurt & masalas) & fry it for 5 to 10 mnts.
cover it & cook it for 15 to 20 mnts.

remove the cover & add milk, sugar, raisins. cook it until oil comes out.
add green paper, rose water.

remove from heat & garnish it with bereshta…….

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