Mishti Doi (Home Made)

Recipe By : Umme Salma

greek yogurt 1 tub
carnation milk 1 can
condense milk 1 can
sugar 2 tbsp

pour yogurt,carnation milk,condense milk in an oven proof dish.mix well with a hand blender not electric one.add sugar.mix well.put the dish in a preheated oven for 15-20 min at 180 degree.after 20 min test with a knife or toothpick like u taste the cake.if the stick or knife comes out clearly it’s done.put in a freeze or ouside to cool.

Chingri moong er daal


Recipe by Aditi Dey
prawn : 1 cup
moogh dal : 1 cup
onion slice : 2 table spoon
bay leaves : 2 ta
ginger paste : 1 tea spoon
cumin powder : 1 tea spoon
turmeric powder : 1/2 tea spoon
red chili powder : 1/2 tea spoon
green chili : 3-4 ta
coriandar leaves: 2 table spoon
oil : 2 table spoon

prothome mugh dal bheje niye sheddho korte hobe ( beshi na, half boiled).korai te prawn halka bheje uthiye felte hobe.then tel e peyaj r tej pata add kore ektu bheje shob masala add korte hobe.kichhukkhon koshiye mugh dal r prawn add korte hobe.prawn sheddho hoye gele namanor age coriandar leaves and green chili add korte hobe.
ready to eat now…..:-)

Lobster bhuna

Lobster bhuna recipe by Sharmin Rima

First rub the lobsters with salt and keep aside for 30 minutes, then wash them thoroughly with water.

Put oil in a pan. Add chopped onion and saute until it gets transparent. Add ginger pow, garlic pow, turmeric pow, red chili pow, corriendar pow and cumin pow and saute for few minutes with little water for avoiding burning. Add chopped tomato, lobsters and salt. Stir well and keep it covered on med heat for 15-20 minutes ( koshano ). Add some water and cook it for 15 more minutes until the lobsters get tendered and the gravy  thickens. Add some green chilis and simmer it for 2-3 minutes. Garnish with chopped cilantro. Serve hot.

Prawn Do-piaza with tomato sauce


Prawn Do-piaza with tomato sauce recipe by Kazi Ayesha Hafez Jhuma

First clean and wash the prawn thoroughly with water.

Put oil in a pan. Add chopped onion  and fry until  getting light brown (Avoid dark brown). Then add sault ,alachi, darchini and tejpata. then add  red chili powder and little amount water  and stir.then add  ginger  paste, garlic paste, zira paste and cook  for few minutes. Now add the washed prawn and  stir well  until the water dry the add water and keep it covered at  medium  heat for 15-20 minutes (Until it becomes gravy). Add some green chilis and keep it for 2  minutes. Spray  tomato sauce on top of the prawns and then serve.

Note: add some onion paste too for making more gravy when add ginger etc paste .



Chingri do-peyaja

Chingri Dopiaza (Shrimp with onion) by Sharmin Rima


1. Large Shrimp=10 pcs
2. Turmeric pow=1 tsp
3. Red chilli pow=1 tsp
4. Coriander pow=1/2 tsp
5. Cumin pow=1/2 tsp
6. Chopped onion=2.5 cups
7. Tomato=1 big
8. Salt=to taste
9. Oil
10. Cilantro
11. Green Chili=3/4 pcs


Clean the shrimps. Marinate with turmeric pow, red chillie pow and salt for 30 min.
Heat oil in a fry pan and fry the shrimps on med heat. Take away from the pan.
Mix good quantity of chopped onion with the leftover spices. Add little salt if needed. Add chopped tomato to it. Now heat the leftover oil again and saute the onion. When the onion starts to be transparent, add chopped cilantro and few green chillies. Saute for few more min. It’s ready!

Chingri diye palong shaak (Shrimp with spinach)

Chingri diye palong shak ( spinach with shrimp) by Sharmin Rima


Heat oil in a pan. Add chopped onion. Saute till it gets transparent. add garlic paste, turmeric pow, red chillie pow and saute with little water to avoid burning. Add shrimp and salt. Saute and cook it covered on med heat for few min (koshano). Add chopped spinach and little more salt if needed. Saute and cook covered. Add water if needed. When the spinach is cooked, add few green chillies and take down from the stove. Keep it covered for few min. Serve with steam rice.

Chingri borboti bhaji (shrimp string bean bhaji)

Chingri borboti bhaji by Masroor Ahmed Deepakshrimp/prawn, long beans, salt to taste, one onion, ginger mix half a tea spoon, garlic mix half a tea spoon, turmeric mix half a tea spoon, corriander mix half a tea spoon, cumin mix half a tea spoon, whole cumin little amount. smashed garlic 3 coves, green chilli to your taste, cooking oil 2 table spoons, fried cumin one pinch.

first heat the …  Read Morecooking oil in the pan. put whole cumin into it. stir with garic and onion mix. when garic and onion becomes slightly soft then put in all the masala one at a time. put the prawn/shrimp after a few minutes of stirring. cook the shrimp for up to 5 minutes then put it in a seperate pan.

in the same spices put the long beans in. cook for 6-7 minutes. then add the prawn and further cook for another 5 minutes. then serve with fried cumin powder. enjoy.

Bhapa pitha

Bhapa pitha by Fatema Rahman

ami swad er chaler gura diye ei pitha baniechi.
chaler gura: 2cup. ete half cup moto pani diyechi. ekebare dhele dei nai. olpo olpo kore chaler guritake shudhu vijiechi.
5 hour rekhe dite hobe. aro rakhle aro valo.
chalnite chele nite hobe.
vitore coconut, gur diye steam e dite hobe.
3minutes er modhoi pitha hoye jabe.
boro batite dile aro kichukhon rakhte hobe.

amar kache ekta stockpot ache.tate pani niye ami upore ekta shuty kapor bedhe niyechi. tar uporei pitha gulli ekta ekta koray diyechi.shoja na. hahahaha
any rice flour use korlei houar kotha

Tiger shrimp with coconut milk

Tiger Shrimp with Coconut Milk by Adila Syeda

Peel and devain Shrimp. Fry some onion, put tumaric, jeera, chili powder, ginger, garlic and salt. Then put the shrimp. When the shrimp is pink on both side then add some coconut milk and boil. Then add Cilantro and green paper. Serve with polau or white rice.

Jhaal chingri (spicy shrimp)

Jhal chingri by Nazara Rahman

Spicy Shrimp (chingrir jaal)
Recipe requirements
Jumbo shrimp -5-6
Turmeric powder -2-3 tsp
Red pepper powder 1-2 tsp
Coriander powder ½ tbs
Salt as per taste
Water 1 -1/2 cup of water
Mustard oil 2tbs

Clean the fish ,with the tail intact and head removed ,Marinate the shrimp with holod (turmeric powder),noon(salt) for 1 hrs.

Heat a Kadai ,Add sarsher tel (Mustard oil),now fry Chingri (shrimp)for 3 mints at med –low,flip the side ,fry it another 3-4 mints ,chingri mach(Shrimp/Prawn) would turn pink in colour .
Take out and drain .In that oil itself add water ,Holod,red pepper powder,noon,dhone gorun(Coriander powder) and shrimp ,just make sure the flame is low .

Cook the above at low covered for 5-7 mints till all the water is soaked .

Jhinga chingri

Jhinga Chingri by Nazara Rahman

1 raw /green banana
Some slices of green papaya
2-3 ridge gourd
2 potatoes
4-5 wax gourd (parwal)
2tsp of turmeric powder
2 tsp of coriander powder
2 tsp of cumin powder
1 tsp of red pepper powder
Tej pataa -2
1 tsp of panch phoron
2 -3 green chilly Salt as per taste
1 tsp of sugar
3-4 tbs of mustard oil
2-3 tsp of ginger paste or gota ada chopped into small pieces

Clean and chop the vegetables in equal size ,this helps cook evenly.
Now heat up a kadhai,add oil
Temper it with panch phoron ,tej patta and ginger paste

Add in all the vegetables fry them at mid-high for 5-6 mints

Tip- You may fry the parwal/wax gourd first and then take them outNext you may add in potatoes and then rest of the vegetables like green papaya, banana etc..
Ridge gourd takes very few mints to cook.
Add in salt and all the dry spice powders like turmeric, red, coriander, cumin and little bit of water.
Add in sugar also , and fry them some more time or till the vegetables get coated well with the spices.
Now add in 2-3 cups of water. (TIP-at this time if you need to add brinjal/aubergine/eggplant do so) ,and one boil at high ,then lower the flame and then you cover it.
Cook for another 7 -8 mints or till the vegetables are cooked.

Take out when done,serve with warm cooked rice.

Green shrimp curry

green shrimp curry…(my recipe) by Tasnuva Khan Shoshi

Green shrimp curry (my recipe)
Shrimp – medium size 1 cup
Onion – half of a big one
Green bell pepper – half of a medium one
Cilantro –
Coconut milk – 1/8 cup
Garlic whole – 4/5 pieces
Ginger paste – ½ tsp
Green chilies – 5/7 pieces
Lemon juice – 1 tsp
Sugar – 1 tsp
Fried cumin powder- ¼ tsp
Crushed Red chilies – ½ tsp
Salt to taste
1. Make a paste using coriander, bell pepper, green chilies, garlic, ginger paste, lemon juice and coconut milk.
2. Marinate the shrimp with this paste about half an hour.
3. Heat oil and cook the marinated shrimp. Add cumin powder, sugar, crushed red chili powder and cook until gravy become thick. serve with plain rice, polau or paratha.

Shrimp with bell pepper (capsicum) and chicken korma

Shrimp with bell pepper  (capsicum) by Added by Merina Ahmed

2 lb. shrimp (big size)

2 bellpapers (1 red color & 1 green color) (big slices)

2 tomatos (big slices as belpaper)(removed seeds & juice)… See More

1 big onion (big slices as bell paper)

1/4 cup onion past

3 cloves garlic ( chopped)

1 tea sp. ginger past

1 tea sp. red paper flakes

2 tsp. coriander powder

1/2 tea sp.red paper powder

1/2 tea sp. tarmaric powder

1/2 tea sp. cumin powder


black paper poeder

1/2 cup oil

coriander leafs ( chopped)

chives (chopped)

5 green paper ( slices)

in a pan heat oil, add all the shrimps and fry it for 2 to 3 mints. take off
the shrimps from the oil. set aside.

in same oil add garlic, onion past, ginger past, salt, b p powder, coriander
powder, cumin powder, red paper powder, tarmaric powder & fry it with
little bit water.

add remaining shrimps & mix it well. cover it for 5 mints.

remove the cover & add belpapers, tomatos, clices onions & cook it
until oil comes out.

add red paper flakes & green paper slices.

remove from heat & garnish it with coriander leafs & chives.


chicken korma:

*10 ps. chicken legs

*1/2 cup onion past

*2 tb. sp. ginger past… See More

*2 tea sp. garlic past

*1 tea sp. coriander powder

*1/2 cup yogurt

*1/2 tea sp. cinamon pd.

*1 tea sp. cardamom pd.

*1/2 tea. sp. black paper pd.


1 cup oil + ghee

1/4 cup milk.

6-8 green paper


rose water

8 -10 raisins

fry onion slice (bereshta)

combine all * items together & marinated it for 2 hrs.

in a large pan heat oil + ghee. add onion slices and make it golden color.pour
all the chickens( with all yogurt & masalas) & fry it for 5 to 10 mnts.
cover it & cook it for 15 to 20 mnts.

remove the cover & add milk, sugar, raisins. cook it until oil comes out.
add green paper, rose water.

remove from heat & garnish it with bereshta…….

Lau chingri

লাউ চিংড়ি

>prothome lau ektu vap diye nite hobe
>peaj kuchi ektu halka veje tate khub shamanno roshun, ada ebong peaj paste, ektu tomato kuchi veje niye, poriman …moto holud guro ebong ek chimti lal morich guro diye …olpo olpo pani diye valo kore koshate hobe
>moshollar opor tel uthe ele chingri gulo chere kichukkhon nara chara kore olpo pani diye diye narte hobe
>vape dea lau gulo diye nere der cup pani diye medium heat e dheke ranna korte hobe about 15 mnt
>ei fake nijer balcony theke kichu dhoniya pata ar kacha morich ene kete nite hobe
>15 mnt por dhakna khule shei kuchi gulo choriye diye abar dheke diye khub olpo heat e 10 mnt rakhte hobe

bas toiri hoye gelo amar ei mojadar good looking lau chingi…

Gaulda Chingri

 first golda chingree take salt,haldi powder,chili powder diye vege tarpor pan e oil gorom kore onion vege ta sathe haldi powder,chili powder,dhaniya powder,salt,water diye ektu koshiye er majhe g,chingree chere diye cover kore rakhte hobe..I need to say in here ,water ta ektu beshi dite hobe,aar medium ache rakhte hobe besh khanik khon bcz eta shiddho hote,aar masala dhokanor jonno properly cook korte hobe…namabar aage green chili,aar dhaniya leaves dite hobe…!

Recipe by Farhana Kamal