Chicken Cheswenut Salad

Loena Zakaria’s Chicken Cheswenut Salad

1.KFC’s chicken popcorn=2packet(medium size)
or Boneless Chicken Cube=1Cup
2.Ginger Power/paste=1tsf
3.salt=to taste
4.white pepper powder=1/2 tsf
5.Corn Flour=for coating of chicken cube
6.Oil=to fry
8.Raw cheswenut=1/2Cup
9.Tomato chopped=2(medium size)
10.Onion finely chopped=1(big size)
11.Capsicum chopped=1medium size or Green chilli chopped=3-4
12.SOS chilli Sauce/Tomato ketchup=2Tbsp
13.Thai chilli Sauce=1Tbsf
14.Coriander chopped=as you wish
15.Lemon juice=2Tbsf

1.if you use kfc’s chicken popcorn no need of ingredients 2 to 6.
2.If you don’t use chicken popcorn,Marinade boneless chicken cube
with ginger paste,black pepper powder & salt for 15-20 minutes.
3.Then after 15-20 minutes add corn flour liberally to the chicken cubes
& put the cubes into the freeze for 15-20minutes.
4.then heat the oil in a deep bottom pan & fry the cubes.when it turns
into golden/light brown colour remove from the heat & keep it into a
plate in absorbant paper towel.
5.Heat the ghee/butter into a pan.roast the cheswenut.when it turns
into light brown colour remove them from heat.
6.then in the same pan add the fried chicken and saute for some
7.then put off the flame.then add ingredients no 9-13.Toss then well.
8.Then add lemon juice ,roasted cheswenuts & coriander leaves &
serve hot.

**those who will use chicken popcorn pls follow from the procedure no 5