Chicken corn soup

 Recipe by Naz Islam

 you will need half chicken,corn starch,2 eggs,soya sauce,vinegar,ginger &garlic paste, salt,black pepper corsed, ketchup.
in a pot fill the pot with water and put the cleaned and washed chicken in add ginger & garlic and salt, soy sauce and vinegar…let it boil until chicken is cooked…once chicken is cooked take the chicken out of the pot…in a cup take some of the broth out…..take all the b…ones out from the chicken and shredded with your hand then get the boil back to boiling when its boiling add 2 beaten eggs slowly and keep on stirinig while pouring it in…..then add the chickens and the cup of broth that u will keep aside u will put corn starch in about 6 spoon and mix it well then slowly add it to the soup…don’t make it too thick keep on stiring then add black pepper, ketchup…stir well and serve…vinegar and soya taste is according to your taste bud…enjoy guys….