Prawn jhal fry

Recipe by Taniya Sharmeen

tel e peyaj kuchi, dhone pata kuchi kacha morich dea halka bheje nea chingri mach lobon dea dite hobe. Mach 1- 2 min bheje tate radhuni fish moshla, khub olpo morich guta dea koshate hobe. Beshi shukna mone hole pani dite paren (ami raw frozen use kori tai pani dei na) 2-3 min olpo anche e rekhe dhone pata dea namai nite hobe. Khub taratari hoi ranna ta 10 min e shesh 😀

Spinach with prawn



Recipe by Aditi Dey
prothome prawn ta ke ektu holud diye halka bheje nite hobe. then oil add kore tate peyaj kuchi r roshun kuchi diye spinach ta diye dite hobe. diye-i just lid diye dite hobe. after 5-7 mins , spinach ta jokhon ektu chhoto ba moje ashbe tokhon holud and jira guro add korte hobe.then bhalo kore masala ta… Read More spinach er shathe koshiye nite hobe. then add the salt and the prawn. prochur pani ber hobe both spinach r peyaj theke. so dont add extra water there. prawn add korar por lid diye dite hobe. jokhon pani ekdom shukiye tel upore uthe ashbe, tokhon namate hobe. medium heat e ranna ta korte hobe.
eta ranna shoja….kintu shomoy ta ektu beshi lage

Prawn Do-piaza with tomato sauce


Prawn Do-piaza with tomato sauce recipe by Kazi Ayesha Hafez Jhuma

First clean and wash the prawn thoroughly with water.

Put oil in a pan. Add chopped onion  and fry until  getting light brown (Avoid dark brown). Then add sault ,alachi, darchini and tejpata. then add  red chili powder and little amount water  and stir.then add  ginger  paste, garlic paste, zira paste and cook  for few minutes. Now add the washed prawn and  stir well  until the water dry the add water and keep it covered at  medium  heat for 15-20 minutes (Until it becomes gravy). Add some green chilis and keep it for 2  minutes. Spray  tomato sauce on top of the prawns and then serve.

Note: add some onion paste too for making more gravy when add ginger etc paste .



Prawn Malaikari/Chingri Mach er Malaikari

shelled medium sized prawns (with the legs0 2 cup
Thick Coconut Milk half cup
thin coconut milk 1 cup
red chili powder 1 tea spoon
turmeric powder half tea spoon
ginger paste half tea spoon
garlic paste 1 tea spoon
sliced onions one fourth cup
onion paste one fourth cup
lemon juice 1 teaspoon
oil half cup
whole green chilies 6/8
sugar 1 tablespoon

1. heat oil and fry sliced onions.
2. add turmeric powder,red chili powder,ginger paste,garlic paste,salt,lemon juice in half cup thin coconut milk and make a paste.
3. add the paste to the oil and cook well.
4. cook well. add the prawns and mix and fry well.
5. add the remaining thin coconut milk and sugar and cook in slow heat.
6. when the water has almost dried out add Thick Coconut Milk and the chilies and keep in slow flame for 2 minutes.
7. spread some grated coconuts on top and serve hot with Pulao, plain rice or Parathas.

Recipe by Fatima Sultana Sharif

Chingrir Malaikari (Prawn in coconut milk)

Heat oil in a pan and fry chopped onion until it turns transparent. add turmeric powder and red chili powder and saute with little water to avoid burning. Add cleaned prawns and saute for a while. Add coconut paste and sault to taste. Saute for 15 minutes. Add coconut milk and little water if needed. Cover the pan cook the prawns for 10 minutes. Add some green chilis.The oil should come out. Now it’s ready to serve. (Can add small amount of sugar if desire).

Recipe by Sharmin Rima

Spinach with Prawn N Tomato

1) Spinach clean koray pani dea dhuyea pani jhorai rakhtay hobay .

( If its frozen Packet 1 , use can use it directly )

2)Pan oil gorom koray tatay chopped Onion 5mints fry koray Prawn dea aro 10mints fry koray tatay Spinach + Chpped Tomato + Salt + Chili powder + Holud Gura dea neray , dhakay kom achay chulai rakhtay hobay .

Spinach thakay jay pani ber hobay tatay spinch – Prawn shidho hoyea jabay .

3)Spinach cook hoyea gelay … arek ta pan oil gorom koray tatay Chopped Garlic + Shukna morich golden fry koray shakay bagar dea serve kortay hobay .

Recipe by:Shama Hasnin