Shami kabab

Farhana Baset’s shami kabab

Cook 1 kg of beef cube with 6 tbsp boot-er daal(split peas) and Whole red chilli+ginger+garlic+whole garam masala+cumin+salt in a way, when the beef cubes are tender, water dries out. 02.Then in a food processor, ground them. 03. Make onion bereshta. when the onion are light brown, add mint leaves and grated green chilli . while the bereshta is done, separate the mixture from oil. 04. add this bereshta mixture with ground beef mixture and add white bread and egg ( so that when you will fry the kabob, it wont break) and mix them. There should not be any lumps. 05. make the shape of kabobs with this mixture. 06. you can immediately fry them or freeze them so that when ever you want, you can just fry them and hv your shami kabob ready to eat………..