Veggie soup

 Recipe By : Suraiya Shariff Lagna

veggie soup. my style!
it turned out really grt !

… ingredients- carrot, green bean,mushroom, broccoli,green papaya, cauliflour, chinese brussel sprout,corn,green chilli, rapini leaves (optional).
lemon juice, lemon /lime leaves, lemon grass, egg,lil bit of noodles (optional), ginger chunk big few, cream of broccoli(ready mate powder),butter, chicken stock/plain water, salt, testing salt(optional), & shrimp.

procedure-use non stick pan for drying out the mushrooms first. stir mushrooms untill it leaves water & dries out totally. add green chilli, ginger chunk, lemon juice few tsp,water/stock, salt & all the veggie one by one (carrot, grn bean, grn papaya, sprout first then after few mint add broccoli, cauliflour). then add shrimp.
if you r not using frozen cooked shrimp, boil shrimp pieces for 5-10 mints brfore putting on the soup.when all the veggies are very little bit of soft but still green add cream of broccoli 1-2 tsp, testing salt, butter,
and the most 2 important ingredients- lime leaves 3-4, & lemon grass. bit an egg and put in the soup in a high heat. your soup is ready. you don wanna cook it long becoz veggie gets soft very quick.

Vegetable soup

Vegetable Soup

Recipe By : Shahnaz Quayyum

Take vagetable of your choice. I prefer cauliflower, carrot, chayote squash, onion, asparagus. Slice the vegetable thinly and separate the cauliflower florates. Now heat minimum amount of oil and sautee the vegetables. Add green chilli slice while on pan. When vegetables become tender then add corn flour water mix and coat them well. Then add salt to taste and water to your desire. When reach desired consistency turn off the heat. I did not add any tasting salt in it for health reason. If you want you can add. Enjoy, it is really good 🙂

Vegetable soup

Farzana Afroze Urmi’s Vegetable soup ( My version)

Vegis that I used: Bok Choy, Chinese cabbage, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, Bean Sprout, baby corn, ( all sliced)( separate the stems and leafs of bok choy and Chinese cabbage

u can use any veg u want.

Looooooot of garlic, 1 onion. Both very finely chopped.
Soya sauce, Looooots of oyster suace, Fish sauce( very little)
Sugar, Black pepper, green chilli..

Heat oil. Add the garlic and onion. Sauté for few min until a bit color comes. Then add the hard veg like cauliflower and carrot and the stems. Stir and add half the 3 sauce. Add boiling water. Then add the other vegis. Apart frm bean sprout and leafs. Adjust the salt sugar and black pepper to taste,… add the sauces accordingly. Just before u take it off the heat add the leaves and the bean sprout. And green chilli.

All the vegis should not be boiled too much. Should be crispy.